KNB Agro Industries Ltd.

KNB Agro Industries Limited

KNB Agro Industries Limited was the first endeavor of KNB Group.
Established on 11th January 2012. KNB Agro Industries Limited specialized in producing animal feed. It specialized in producing Poultry Feed, Cattle Feed & Fish Feed under the brand name KNB FEED.
During the year 2016 the company had a total capacity of 72,000 metric ton. By the end of 2017 KNB FEED’s capacity was increased to 136,800 metric ton with a utilization rate of 61.53%. KNB FEED’s production runs 24/7, 26 days a month. KNB FEED has a wide range of products covering poultry, fisheries and cattle feed. To be specific KNB has 14 types of Poultry feed, 4 types of cattle feed & 70 types of fish feed. Whether a SME business or an individual farmer, KNB feed meets the demand of everyone.
After successfully fulfilling the demand of the local & national market, KNB FEED now looks forward to exporting its products and meeting the demands of the international market.